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Leipzig manager confirms Arsenal interest

What’s German for “out of left field”?

1. FC Koeln v RB Leipzig - Bundesliga
Photo by Dean Mouhtaropoulos/Bongarts/Getty Images

Well this sure is a bit of news I wasn’t expecting to read this morning. We are all aware of Arsene Wenger’s contract status, and I’m not going to rehash the “should he stay or should he go” argument, because we all know where we all stand on that.

It does appear that Arsenal are planning for the day that Wenger does go, though, and in that planning they have reached out to a name on probably nobody’s list, Red Bull Leipzig manager Ralph Hasenhuttl. According to reports, this wasn’t so much a formal “we want to interview him” as much as an informal “hey man how’s it going what’s happening oh by the way how would you like London if you had to live there”, but still, contact was made and that contact was confirmed by the Leipzig man.

When asked about it, Hasenhuttl said

“There was a lot of truth to it. I have heard of worse fates than succeeding the longest-serving manager in England. It’s not damaging my reputation, is it?”

He also says, though, that he has “found his luck” in Leipzig, so I wouldn’t expect any SHOCK MOVE TO SACK WENGER headlines any time soon; however, if these reports are to be believed, RALPH WHO? might be gracing the front pages of your least favorite tabloids in the summer.