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Happy birthday, Alexis!

it’s no trip to Farrell’s, but it’s something.

Vipe Activewear Collection With Angela Simmons - Backstage - September 2016 Style360
they’ve never been seen in the same room
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After a frustrating weekend, it’s always good to have something positive to talk about. And today, that something is a birthday. Alexis Sanchez’ birthday, to be precise. The Arsenal star and legend-in-training turns 28 today, and he’s no doubt celebrating by running a marathon while doing pushups and then winning some sort of cross fit challenge or something.

Because birthdays should be full of cake and presents, and we know that as a finely tuned athlete he probably doesn’t face-plant into a cake or a pile of ice cream, we at The Short Fuse chipped in and bought him some gifts to celebrate his birthday (WARNING: All dog-related!):

Well, I guess this first one’s for Atom & Humber:

Dog bunk beds! They have a food station right there, and they can adorably fight over who gets the top bunk.

Next, something for Alexis himself:


No, not Dug. The collar Dug wears. Two of them, actually, so he can talk with both his dogs whenever he wants.

Also, we’re going to demand that Arsenal declare December 19th Official Arsenal Dog Adoption Day in Alexis’ honor, so watch for that next year.

Happy birthday, Alexis.