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Alexis waiting for Arsenal to show confidence

But he insists he is happy here

Everton v Arsenal - Premier League
Alexis looking happy
Photo by Alex Livesey/Getty Images

Arsenal striker Alexis Sánchez recently spoke to Sky Sports and said that he is not focused on his ongoing contract negotiations, but waiting for Arsenal to show confidence in him, per Arseblog.

“To be quite honest, right now I’m more focused on winning football matches. I’m staying concentrated on that side of things,” Alexis said. “It doesn’t really depend on me so much as it does the club, if they want to show confidence in me.”

I’m not an expert, but I suspect by “confidence” he means mo money.

Given that Alexis has blossomed in the striker role and given the club a level of quality there that it has not had in years, Alexis has certainly earned plenty of confidence, hopefully Arsenal gives it to him.

Alexis continued to reiterate how happy he is to be at Arsenal, saying, “. . . I love it here, I love all the staff, the cooks, the employees that do so much for us . . . I really enjoy the relationship with the fans.”

So, shouts to the cooks, the fans, and all the other staff for making Alexis happy.