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Arsenal draw Bayern Munich in the Champions League Round of 16

Yeah, it happened again. It’s dumb, I know.

Arsenal v Stoke City - Premier League
Everyone’s reaction to this draw.
Photo by Julian Finney/Getty Images

Arsenal drew Bayern Munich in the Round of 16 of UEFA Champions League play today in a draw held in Nyon, Switzerland.

Water is wet.

The sun rises in the east and sets in the west.

Death and taxes.

I am not mad, I just think it’s funny is all.

This might be a good time to give you factoids about Arsenal’s history against Bayern Munich, but I think you’re pretty aware of it. It isn’t great.

Bayern Munich are now managed by Carlo Ancelotti. On the one hand, they aren’t playing quite as well as in years past under Pep Guardiola when they seemed invincible. On the other hand, Ancelotti’s won 3 Champions League titles and Bayern are still stacked with more world-class talent than nearly anyone.

Gah, this is dumb.

Arsenal won their group so at least we get the hopefully-important home tie second.

This is boring.

Arsenal and Bayern Munich will face off sometime in February. We’ll let you know when the specific date is finalized.