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Wenger likes this team’s spirit

As does Theo Walcott

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Arsenal v Stoke City - Premier League
Theo Walcott: Fighter
Photo by Clive Rose/Getty Images

Arsenal is currently second in the Premier League after yesterday’s comeback win over Stoke City, and this has Arsène Wenger praising his team’s spirit, per The Telegraph.

“It’s the sixth time that we are down in the game and come back to win since the start of the season. That’s not a coincidence,” Wenger said. “It doesn’t happen just because you say ‘Come on, you have to keep fighting’. That means there is something in the team that is quite strong, but after that we have to keep the spirit because that can be quite fragile.”

Side note: “We Have to Keep the Spirit” would make for a great stadium rock anthem.

Theo Walcott echoed his manager’s sentiments, saying, “The intensity and the commitment and the hard work is showing not just from 11 players, but it’s the whole squad . . . everyone who has been involved coming off the bench or starting has done a fantastic job and that is the difference this year to previous years where maybe we weren’t quite ready as a whole squad.”