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Cannon Fodder News and Links: Decision Day

News and links for Tuesday, November 8, 2016.

Beautiful Autumn Colours Are Seen Across Loch Lomond Photo by Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images

Hello! Your friendly Cannon Fodder Overlord beardyblue here to remind you that, although it’s a big day in US politics (and therefore global politics, generally), this is not the place for us to discuss politics, religion, and so forth. If anything, look at this is a haven from the wall-to-wall discussion of the election and enjoy some peace and quiet. I’m trying to pick serene photos to stop us all from collectively losing our damn minds.


Well, okay then.


Good stuff!

The Inter carousel continues to turn.

Speaking of Internazionale!

Transfer news about Axel Witsel and The Old Lady.

Oh, no. Whatever shall I do.

lolz both crappy NY teams lost yesterday, and there will be a Canadian team in MLS Cup for sure since both Montreal and Toronto advanced to face one another in the Eastern Conference Final!