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Héctor Bellerín studying marketing

Bellerín is already thinking about his post-soccer career

Arsenal v Middlesbrough - Premier League
Héctor Bellerín in action
Photo by Dan Mullan/Getty Images

When he is not playing, or training for soccer, Arsenal right back Héctor Bellerín is studying marketing through an online program with the University of Pennsylvania, according to the Daily Cannon.

“I know people think we should only think about playing football, but we have a lot of hours to spare, and I like to keep my mind active,” Bellerín says. Ha, nerd.

Kidding, of course. Bellerín went on to say, “I read a lot. And this is a career where you are finished playing and you are still only halfway through your life, so I want to be sure I am ready to do the next thing then.

How the industry works, social media, business, looking after your own image and yourself financially — it interests me.”

Considering how unstable the life of a professional athlete can be, and how many athletes end up broke after their playing days are over, it’s smart of Bellerín to already be thinking ahead towards the end of his playing career, even at his relatively young age.

In other Bellerín news he has apparently signed a new contract with Arsenal.