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Olivier Giroud was terrified of Alf

Yes, that Alf

Sunderland v Arsenal - Premier League
Olivier Giroud, happily not looking at Alf
Photo by Stu Forster/Getty Images

We all have our fears. For instance, I am afraid of snakes. Arsenal striker Olivier Giroud, meanwhile, was apparently terrified of the tv puppet Alf as a kid, according to a quote in the Arsenal program for the Tottenham Hotspur match on Sunday.

“This is so funny, but my brothers are older than me-I was the youngest, and they used to tease me about a kids TV character called Alf. Do you know him? Alf the alien, my God he was so ugly and I was so scared of him. My brothers used to say, ‘Be careful, Alf is going to get you tonight!’” Giroud said.

Well, as someone who was teased for his fear of snakes, I must say, not cool Olivier Giroud’s brothers, not cool.

Of course, that quote still doesn’t really explain why Giroud was terrified of a sitcom puppet in the first place, other than that it was ugly. Well, I guess if you’re as handsome as Giroud, that’s a good enough reason to fear something.