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Cannon Fodder News and Links: Calm before the storm

News and links for Monday, November 6, 2016.

Season At Sandhill Racing Stables Photo by Michael Steele/Getty Images

USMNT! Mexico! Dos a Cero!

Well that’s cool for Wojciech.

For the uninitiated, “MPF” stands for Metro Playoff Failure. This is MPF. It happens every year. Let’s all have a laugh.

Why do any players do this in any kind of football, association or gridiron?

Well, this seems good!

I mean, I hate the guy, but this seems genuinely painful. And gross.

Somebody tell ZPeach not to read this. He will cry and probably blame me.

LA Galaxy more like LA GaLOLxy mirite guys

Go home, old man.

Womp womp.