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Hector Bellerin shoots down Barcelona transfer links

Keep your grubby mitts off him, Barca.

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Hull City v Arsenal - Premier League Photo by Tony Marshall/Getty Images

Thanks to all the taxes they’ve self-righteously dodged over the years and ignoring all the homegrown youth in their hilariously overrated academy, FC Barcelona appears to be ready to drop a bag of money at former youth product Hector Bellerin’s feet in order to try and improve on what appears to be a black hole on the right side of their defense.

However, the young Arsenal standout is having none of it and wants to rather continue his career and thrive at his current club.

Per The Telegraph:

"If I wanted to play there I would have stayed there. I was very happy when Arsenal showed interest in me and I decided to come here. I'm not looking back, I'm just looking to help Arsenal.

Bellerin also said that it’s nice to get the attention of another big club but that he’s happy at Arsenal and is looking to improving and making things happen at his current club.

So there you have it, it doesn’t appear that young Hector will be funneling his earnings into offshore accounts any time soon while attending weekly Catalunya independence meetings. Them’s the breaks, Barca. Go shadily buy someone else.

In the meantime, he is currently suffering a bit of an injury niggle but is looking to get back as soon as possible and hopefully in time for this weekend’s pivotal showdown with rival Tottenham since Arsenal will need his marauding runs versus what should be a very tough opponent.