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Wenger: we can’t concede cheap goals

The boss has Thoughts.

Arsenal v Southampton - EFL Cup Quarter-Final
Photo by Mike Hewitt/Getty Images

Given the makeshift nature of the side put out to face Southampton today, it’s not surprising that cohesiveness was hard to come by in the Arsenal attack, or defense, or...anywhere, really. But even still, Arsene Wenger was very disappointed in what he saw from his team tonight:

“we had a disappointing performance, particularly in the first half. I think we were not good enough defensively and gave cheap goals away.”

He’s not wrong - both goals were not great concessions. And while I’m not a fitness coach or an expert on these things, this:

We were not incisive enough and they were sharper than us and fitter.

is slightly worrisome. I mean, it’s midseason - how much more fitness does Arsenal need to acquire? That shouldn’t be a thing at this point in a season, should it?

This wasn’t a heartbreaking loss, but it also wasn’t a great outing - but that said, the fact that fans booed off a team that lost for the first time in 19 games is not a great look for those fans. I mean, this game did nothing but ease fixture congestion; it’s not like this game cost them the Champions League title, or a shot at the Premier League. It’s a competition that most fans kinda shrug off, even when Arsenal do well in it.

I don’t like it when Arsenal lose, but I don’t think this was a boo-worthy occasion.