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Wednesday cannon fodder

The week’s half over!

Iowa V Arizona
The city is meh, but the scenery is spectacular. Also: that picture is very old

Howdy neighbors! Ben’s off again, and I’m just getting back into things after spending the last five or so days with family, totally unplugging from the world for a while. I would highly recommend doing that - maybe for you not the family part, I don’t know, but I gotta say, being blissfully unaware of news, current events, or anything resembling “what’s happening in the world right now” and just spending time with my family was the best way I could have spent Thanksgiving weekend.

Anyway. The world didn’t stop while I did, so here’s a bunch of links!

So you know how we’re always telling you to take transfer rumors with a grain of salt, and to never really believe the more outlandish ones you read? Well, Messi to Inter is Exhibit A of why.

Gareth Bale had successful ankle surgery, and now faces an up to six month recovery.


deep breath


Remember when everyone on the planet thought James Rodriguez, after a solitary good World Cup, was going to be soccer’s Next Big Thing? Yeah, me neither.

Bruce Arena admits the US men’s team are “fighting for their lives” in 2017.

Arena also makes some good points about analytics and soccer in his opening remarks as USMNT coach.

Meanshile, in Arena’s old league, Toronto and Montreal are squaring off tonight to earn the right to be the first Canadian team in an MLS Cup final, where Seattle awaits.

And finally, an interesting piece on why people comment online. Which always leads me both to this comic and this one.