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Arsene Wenger has no plans to coach internationally

In fact, he’s got some borderline harsh words for it

Arsenal v AFC Bournemouth - Premier League Photo by Shaun Botterill/Getty Images

By now most fans and those who follow Arsene Wenger know that he’s not much of a fan of the international game and the pressures that come with being a national team manager. He’s had the opportunity offered to him over the years, namely the France gig, but has been steadfast in his refusal of the chance to lead his home nation on a global stage.

Now, with his contract with Arsenal winding down, links to international jobs are slowly starting to trickle in as teams prep for the next World Cup cycle. However, as usual the French gaffer has refuted any connection to any team outside of Arsenal and this time somewhat pointedly so.

“For me, international coaching is not coaching. It’s only really interesting during the big tournaments. In Europe now you have 53 countries, 24 qualifiers, you play two years of qualifiers, no-one knows why. Then you go to the European Championships and that is interesting.

“Now they will create a 48-team World Cup, so we’ll start the World Cup in January and finish in June. It’s a very pressured job for the England coach and every week you go to a game and think: ‘Has this guy the level, do I pick him or not?’ But you are a bit frustrated on a daily basis.”

The club hasn’t made any concrete moves to tie him down with a contract extension so these rumors will naturally persist until he takes a definitive next step, whether it be with Arsenal, a national team or retirement. However, based on his words it’s pretty obvious where his loyalties lie and what does or doesn’t interest him going forward in his career.