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Friday Cannon Fodder

You made it to the end of the week!

New York City Scenics
Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Ben’s off again today, so it me, Substitute Fodderer. Let’s dive right in!

Jurgen Klopp says we should leave Wayne Rooney alone because “all the legends drank like crazy”. I mean, it may be less socially acceptable or athletically desirable these days than back then, but he’s not really wrong.

The Premier League just signed a $700 million TV deal with Chinese TV.

Robbie Keane has followed Steven Gerrard out the exit door at StubHub Center, leaving the LA Galaxy with Ashley Cole as the only old European player on their roster. #clubincrisis

Real Madrid want to sign Aaron Ramsey. Do the kids still say LOL? Because LOL

The Guardian thinks that a bunch of eight year olds are emblematic of the problems facing US Soccer at the moment.

One problem facing US Soccer immediately: Do we stick with Klinsmann? Even the federation isn’t sure.

Any plans for the weekend after the Arsenal game? Also, American type people: What are you doing for Thanksgiving?