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Wenger talks rivalries with Ferguson, Mourinho

He even said he’d enjoy a glass of wine with Ferguson

Sunderland v Arsenal - Premier League
Who could stay mad at that face?
Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images

Arsene Wenger sat down with Sky Sports ahead of this Saturday’s match against Manchester United and talked about his rivalry with former United manager Sir Alex Ferguson and current manager Jose Mourinho.

Though Wenger and Ferguson had a pretty intense rivalry back in the day, he insists now that he and Ferguson are on good terms, even saying, “ . . . today I am very happy to see him and we share a good glass of red wine.”

And now a comedy sketch of Arsene Wenger and Sir Alex Ferguson sharing a glass of wine is something I need in my life.

Wenger also downplayed talk of a rivalry between him and Mourinho, saying, “In my press conference it was more about the controversy between Jose Mourinho and me, but that's not football. People do not enjoy that, you enjoy the quality of the game.”

That’s a nice sentiment, but I for one would enjoy a win over United all the more this Saturday since it would be against the overgrown man-child Mourinho.