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Alexis Sanchez passes fitness test for Chile

The forward is now cleared to play for Chile in their important World Cup qualifier versus Uruguay

Clive Rose/Getty Images

In what could be interpreted as both good and potentially nerve-wracking news, Alexis Sanchez and his right hamstring have passed a fitness test for Chile ahead of their crucial match versus Uruguay tomorrow night. Chile, who currently sits seven points behind COMMEBOL leaders Brazil, could greatly improve their table position with a win versus second-place Uruguay, and their odds of netting points increase greatly with their main scoring threat now in line to play.

Along with Alexis, Manchester City keeper Claudio Bravo and Bayern Munich midfielder Arturo Vidal have been cleared to play, which means that Arsenal isn't the only club who's actively sweating out this match in fear of what sort of condition their player will return in.

Alexis was pictured in Chile's last training session with a massive bandage around his right thigh, which leads credence to Arsene Wenger's pleas to his national team to rest him, going as far to demand his return to his club before any further damage to his leg could be done. Instead, it appears both Alexis and Chile have made the choice to risk him as they bid to keep their 2018 World Cup hopes in place.