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Report: Özil staying, Alexis going?

Reporter John Cross thinks so

Arsenal v West Bromwich Albion - Premier League
Could Arsenal’s star duo be breaking up?
Photo by Paul Gilham/Getty Images

Lennon and McCartney. Morrissey and Johnny Marr. Mesut Özil and Alexis Sánchez? According to reporter John Cross, Arsenal’s star duo could become the next legendary twosome to split up.

On the positive side, Cross believes Özil will resign with the Gunners, and that the club will pay the more than £200,00-a-week he is asking for. This report, plus a rumor that Özil has bought a new house in London, bodes well for the Gunners.

Alexis, however, is a more complicated case. Cross says he is also looking for wages above £200,00-a-week, plus a release clause in his new contract should “the right move” come along.

Alexis has recently been linked to his Manchester City and his former coach Pep Guardiola, as well as Italian giants Juventus.

Alexis and Özil are both critical pieces for the Gunners’ trophy aspirations, so hopefully the club can find a way to keep both. I believe I speak for Arsenal fans when I say to the two, please please please let us get what we want.