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Alex Iwobi dishes on his teammates

Well, that may be a bit strong, but still

Arsenal FC v FC Basel 1893 - UEFA Champions League
what do you really think?
Photo by Mike Hewitt/Getty Images

Hey there! It’s the Friday of an international weekend, and that sound you hear is either the gears of the Premier League story machine grinding, lubrication-free, to a halt, or the bottom of the barrel, being scraped to within an inch of its life.

It’s in that vein that we bring you this. It’s a fun little video in which FourFourTwo - which is an excellent site (and magazine...ask your parents, kids!) and well worth adding to your regular rotation - talks to Alex Iwobi about his teammates and training.

It’s not a deep dive into how training works or anything. It’s a series of rapid fire questions about ‘who is the best/worst/fastest’ etc, but there are some fun little revelations in it, including my favorite: that Alexis Sanchez does pushups during training ground talks by Arsene and his staff. He’s also, in Iwobi’s view, the earliest to training every day, and the hardest worker. Shocking, I know.

Check out the video for more of Alex’s observations about his teammates - it’s only three minutes long, so consider it a post-lunch snack rather than a full meal of its own.