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Soccer fans are now average people, thanks to Hillary Clinton

Pressin’ the flesh.

Spanish Fans Watch Spain v Netherlands FIFA World Cup
Not pictured: politician
Photo by Pablo Blazquez Dominguez/Getty Images

As you all hopefully know by now, there’s an election in the US next week. And, as with any election, the presidential candidates are traversing the country, or at least the parts of the country that are still in play, trying to win friends and influence people and get every single vote they can.

A tried and true way for politicians to do this is by appearing at a local bar - even though politicians, as a general rule, are not the kinds of people who hang out in neighborhood bars. There’s a long history of this - candidates want to make “average people” feel like we can relate to them, so they come to where we are, look awkward for 15 minutes, shake a few hands, and move on.

One such appearance happened yesterday in Florida, as, after a rally in Miami, Hillary Clinton went into a bar to shake a few hands and generally just have a good photo op. Thing is, the bar she went in to do this was Fado Irish Pub, which, apart from basically being the McDonald’s of Irish pubs (locations in 12 states, the District of Columbia, and the UAE!), also happens to be the home of the Arsenal Miami Supporters Club.

And of course the soccer media, as they do, jumped on that and started asking IS HILLARY CLINTON A GOONER? She’s almost certainly not; she (or her people) probably just thought “Oh! Irish pub! Regular people! This will be a slam dunk photo op!” and neither knew nor cared that it is an Arsenal pub.

Which, on its face, is pretty cool - if by random chance she DID go to a soccer bar on purpose, it means that soccer fans are mainstream enough to be “average people”, and even if she didn’t, maybe she’ll have a Leslie Jones-style awakening.

If she is by some bizarre coincidence an Arsenal fan, she would join the long list of celebrity Arsenal fans that includes Ronnie Biggs, Piers Morgan, Osama bin Laden, Luol Deng, Lethal Bizzle, David Miliband, Harry Redknapp, and oh goodness why would she want to join those ranks.

Anyway, she was in an Arsenal bar so there we are.

EDITORS NOTE: This thread is about a political figure, but is most definitely not an invitation to discuss the election, the candidates, or politics in general. It was a bit of fun about a public figure. If the comments get overly political, they will be closed.