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Chuba Akpom out “a while”

He hurt his back.

Nottingham Forest v Arsenal - EFL Cup Third Round
back injuries are the worst
Photo by Shaun Botterill/Getty Images

There are a lot of instances in the modern world where we have become more self-reliant, and that’s not a bad thing. We can change our own tires, our own passwords, and probably our own light bulbs and whatnot, and not have to rely on others to do this level of thing for us.

Medical needs, however, are a bit different - unless you’re Chuba Akpom, that is. Chuba Instagrammed today about how he’s injured his back and will be out “a while”:

Gutted to be out for a while with this back injury. Ill be back stronger ⚽️

A photo posted by Chuba Akpom (@cakpom) on

This is the first I’d heard of any sort of injury to the kid, which of course leads me to believe he self-diagnosed because of course that’s what happened, right?

Seriously, though, this is a bummer for him, and I hope he does come back stronger, and sooner rather than later.