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TSF needs you!

Two or more of you, to be precise.

UEFA Champions League Trophy Tour - by UniCredit
you could be like these people. Except without the interview part.
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TSF has grown from a one-man operation to a relatively well-oiled machine over the last few years, and that growth has been a ton of fun to both participate in and help lead.

But with that growth has come a few challenges. One of the main challenges we have is in coordinating things like rapidly covering news stories - not just breaking news but the daily churn of stories that come out about Arsenal. In any given day, we can cover a few, but we also miss a bunch, and we’d like to rectify that.

Another thing we’ve been increasing lately is our social footprint - we’re on Twitter, FB (posts and videos), Instagram, and Snapchat, and we’ve been doing Periscopes as well. But what we’re lacking is an overall strategy and direction for how we do those things.

So, now that I’ve gone all SPOILER ALERT on you, we’re looking for two (or more) people to do these things, as follows:


As mentioned, we’ve started doing quite a bit with social media. But what we don’t have is a coordinated approach, or a lot of knowledge of where we want to take our social presence. That’s where you’ll come in. Are you a social media whiz? Do you have a great handle on what social media can do for a site like ours, and a desire to help it do that? If so, and if the opportunity to work with a great staff who is already doing good work is appealing to you, get in touch.


One of the things TSF wants to do better is post news items as soon as possible as they happen. We currently have a core of about 4-5 of us that do that, but we all either have full time day jobs or are full time students, so between other site stuff and life, things tend to fall through the cracks more than we’d like.

I would love to have one or two people on staff who are solely focused on gathering and posting news pieces - in any given day there’s probably 10-15 opportunities to do quick, 150-200ish word pieces on news stories that come out, and we only maybe get to 4-5 of them on a good day.

This is where you’d come in. We’d like you to pretty much set your news feeds - all your news feeds - to ping when “Arsenal” or “(insert every Arsenal player name here)” is mentioned, and then to write stories about those news items for TSF. We’re not looking for in-depth analysis of each one, more like “this is a thing that happened and here’s why you should care” sort of work, but we are looking for someone who can make that activity a priority in their day.

That’s also why I’m looking for a couple people to do it - not gonna lie, doing this every day is a grind. It’s easy, but it is repetitive and it does get challenging to keep up the volume and stay interested. So between the two of you you’d need to coordinate who does what when, but otherwise the regular posting of news items would be all yours.

So if either of those areas sound like something you’d want to get involved in, let me know - either in the comments or via the email address in my profile. Also, if you don’t feel like you can, but if you know someone who you think would be great, send ‘em our way. Geography doesn’t matter - we’re currently scattered all over the US and Canada, but as long as you can post regularly, you can be anywhere in the world.

I wish I could promise you a lavish compensation package, health care, and a retirement plan, but instead of all that, I can offer you all the support you need, a really fun slack room where we coordinate stuff, and maybe, just maybe, a trip or two on the TSF jet.