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Ask The Short Fuse!

We’ve got some time to kill. Let’s kill it together.

Barclays Asia Trophy 2015 Ticket Launch
presented without comment
Photo by Charles Pertwee/Getty Images for Barclays Asia Trophy

So, it’s another interlull. No game until the 15th. A whole two weeks to talk about...whatever. And of course, with players being off on international duty, there won’t be a whole lot of Arsenal news to talk about, which is problematic for a website that tries to deliver Arsenal news on a regular basis.

So, we’re turning the tables a bit. In the first of what will hopefully be a regular-ish feature around here, consider this post the TSF equivalent of a Reddit AMA, except without the high-profile guests and massive reach.

Anyway, if you have questions - about anything, really: Arsenal-related, soccer-related, baseball-related, sports-related, or almost anything-related (except politics/religion), ask it in the comments and we’ll do our best to answer.

So...what’s on your mind? What do you want to know?