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Cannon Fodder News and Links: Monday, Monday

News and links for Monday, October 3, 2016.

Chile v United States Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

Because England are struggling to find any competent leader after firing their new manager who was in charge for fifteen minutes so they’re letting Wayne Rooney just do it?

Hey look, it’s Cheatin’ Bob Bradley! He becomes the first American coach in the top four leagues in Europe, or at least I saw that somewhere on Twitter.

In case you’re wondering why good, god-fearing The MLS fans remember Bob Bradley as a dirty cheat, well, here’s a delightful explanation from Judah Friedlander. Stupid rules! Weird subs! Golden goal overtime! This ridiculous story has all of the hallmarks of early The MLS. Cheatin’ Bob Bradley, everybody!

Speaking of Cheatin’ Bob:

And again...

Speaking of which, this is just brutal. Happy birthday, dude. :(

To an untrained eye, the tidy and sturdy figure emerging in possession looks almost top heavy. Momentarily awkward with the ball at his feet, he very briefly lends the illusion of losing balance. Counterpoising the upper body strength of Paul Gascoigne in his prime and the dancing feet of George Best, balance is carefully sustained. In the pristine stripes of Italy’s Internazionale, he’s just dispossessed an attacker, controlled the ball, beat the same attacker, held off four strong challenges, and set-up another wave of attack.

The sight is blissfully familiar to millions of football fans. It is the artistry and prowess of Javier Zanetti.

If you’ve ever wondered why a free transfer is often called “a Bosman,” look no further:

Meanwhile, in Italy: