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Thursday Cannon Fodder

It’s me again!

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Arsenal v Reading - EFL Cup Fourth Round
Because third string backups never get any love
Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images

Ben’s been swamped this week, so I’m filling in again today. Away we go!

Did you know that Real Madrid tried to hire Pep Guardiola last year? While Rafa Benitez was still in charge?

“Jose Mourinho” and “apologize” are not words I would expect to see in the same sentence, but apparently we live in the Upside-Down now, so.

Offered without comment: Mike Dean sniffed one of his assistants.

The MLS Soccer League Playoffs started yesterday, and the playoff version of LA Galaxy showed up, dismissing Real Salt Lake 3-1, in a game that saw Landon Donovan, sometime soccer hobbyist, set a new record.

Many people (including myself) have long argued the Premier League needs a winter break. Turns out that might get kind of expensive.