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Burnley 0-1 Arsenal: Premier League match report

Arsenal bundled in a late, late corner to smash and grab three points at the death.

Nottingham Forest v Arsenal - EFL Cup Third Round Photo by Shaun Botterill/Getty Images

You might not be surprised to learn this, but the original first sentence of this report was “Well, that’s two hours we’re not getting back.” Arsenal’s recent string of dominance was thwarted by a Burnley side that defended well for 90 minutes, despite Arsenal maintaining a nearly continuous attack. But the win streak remains intact: five games, fifteen points.

Honestly it’s hard to find a lot to say about the match as a whole. Burnley played well, Arsenal were mostly not amazing. Despite having far more of the ball than the home side, the chances were sparse because Burnley defended doggedly. Nobody in yellow had more than a second or so on the ball before being hassled, and Burnley clogged up passing lanes admirably.

Of course when you’re playing a team like Arsenal, you can defend perfectly for 90 minutes – but if you have a lapse just once, you can be made to pay. As time was winding down Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain took a shot from the top of the box which was deflected over the goal for a corner. Arsenal played it short, and Alexis Sanchez played a cross perfectly to the far post. The OC and Laurent Koscielny were both there waiting for it, sans Burnley defenders. Ox’s “shot” appeared to glance off of Koscielny’s hand and in as stoppage time expired, and that was that.

Many will say that Arsenal didn’t “deserve” that win; for them, one word should suffice.