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Arsenal vs. Ludogorets: Team news

What’s happening? Let’s find out.

MLS: All-Star Game
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Since this is the part you’ll all want to know first, let’s waste no time, shall we?

(Giroud and Ramsey) continue their preparation as they have been out for a long time. I think they need sharpening up now but they are not far away.

So, there we go, straight from Le Mouth of Le Boss. They won’t be ready tomorrow, but they maybe might be ready at the weekend, depending on what “not far away” means. What else did he say? Nothing, really, but in this case that’s a good thing because nobody got hurt at the weekend, and therefore everyone who played then can play tomorrow.

Arsenal currently sit top of Group A on, I believe, the third tiebreaker, and are heading into back-to-back games against Ludogorets. This is a golden chance to solidify their position at the top of the table before having to face PSG again in a month.