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Ox and Özil hang with Justin Bieber

This is a story about...something, that’s for sure.

V Festival At Hylands Park - Day 1
Photo by Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images

Sports, as we all too often forget, is entertainment. You know what else is entertainment? Music. TV. Movies. All that stuff is created to give us a little escape from the nasty, brutish, and short, and all of it, in varying ways, is fun.

Today’s entertainment fun comes in the sorta-trainwrecky-but-currently-rehabbing-his-image form of one Justin Bieber, who has been an Arsenal fan since, well, at least since the summer; this photo, the facial expressions in which would seem to indicate there is or was some sort of hostage situation going on (MESUT: BLINK TWICE IF YOU’RE OK), was the first hint of something Bieber going on:

But that wasn’t the end of the weirdness! He took another hostage!

The Bieb, for all his other proclivities, clearly has good taste in favorite teams. Not only were there the aforetweeted shirt swaps and visits, but he also got a tour of Arsenal’s training ground and to hang out with Mesut Özil at the German star’s birthday party.

This is normally where a concluding paragraph that would summarize and wrap up the story above it goes, but it’s a story about Justin Bieber partying with his favorite athletes, so I’ll just end it at that.