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Team News: Arsenal’s midfield is nearly healthy

Ramsey’s back in training and Coquelin is back in the squad.

Arsenal v Manchester City: Pre-Season Friendly Photo by Nils Petter Nilsson/Ombrello/Getty Images

Arsenal’s midfield is just about 100% fit. With everything rolling well, the team has announced that not only are they getting Francis Coquelin back on the bench but also Aaron Ramsey is back in training.

After suffering a hamstring injury on opening day, Ramsey is finally back to full training. With a history of injuries to his legs and a tendency to push into the line up too soon, the player and team decided to take a longer recovery period. Having played a long Euro 2016, this is likely the wisest choice, made easy with a lot of players to pick up the slack.

It seems unlikely Ramsey will be fit for Saturday’s game against Swansea City and, with Wenger’s slow reintroduction a thing, he may not even make the bench for the Champions League game against Ludogrets. That likely pushes Ramsey’s involvement back to the Middlesborough or Reading matches. However, with Theo Walcott and Alex Iwobi playing well on the wing and Santi Cazorla, Granit Xhaka and (presumably) Mohamed Elneny in central midfield all fit and playing well, there is a lot of time to work the Welshmen into the side.

Which is made muddier by the return to fitness of Francis Coquelin. Originally feared to be out a long time, Coquelin has bounced back from a minor knee injury suffered early in the 3-0 victory against Chelsea. Having played most of the season over the new arrivals of Xhaka and Elneny, it wouldn’t be a great surprise to see Wenger immediately return to his, apparently, favoured choice of Cazorla-Coquelin. But Xhaka has played well and was bought to make this team. Wenger likes stability while it works, so we might get to see another go of Coquelin-Ramsey/Elneny to see out the League Cup matches.

In any case, health is everywhere for the Arsenal. Knock on wood, throw salt over your shoulder, wear those lucky underpants, pet a black cat, whatever. Let’s enjoy it while it lasts.