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Transfer "news": Aubameyang rules out Arsenal move

In shocking news that shocks nobody, PEA is staying put.

Jamie McDonald/Getty Images

Sorry to crush hopes so early on a lovely Friday morning, but once again a player who would a perfect transfer for Arsenal (in that he'd be a perfect transfer for just about everyone) will not be signed by Arsenal. Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, in an interview with ESPN, said so himself, after being named African Plyaer of the Year:

"Let me say this first: I am not going to Arsenal," he told ESPN FC's Colin Udoh at the CAF award ceremony in Nigeria. "Dortmund is my club and I am not leaving soon."

No real surprise there. Dortmund sporting director Michael Zoric also confirmed that they had no plans to let anyone else leave their club in the January Window, so that's that. With Aubameyang tearing up the Bundesliga, Thomas Tuchel would probably be severely questioned (i.e. fired) had they sold him midseason. Guess we'll have to wait to obsess over summer rumours, even though he'll probably end up in La Liga so we can add Benzema or something. I dunno, it's January; I'm allowed to say inane rumour-like things.

But hey, congrats on the award, Aubameyang. Well deserved.