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Cannon Fodder News and Links: Debuchy, Cech, Kane, and... Emmanuel Frimpong?

Bits and pieces about Petr Cech, Mathieu Debuchy, and, surprisingly, Harry Kane and Emmanuel Frimpong as well as all the normal off-topic chatter. Stop in!

Miami Dolphins running back Jay Ajayi is an Arsenal fan and so should you
Miami Dolphins running back Jay Ajayi is an Arsenal fan and so should you
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning everybody. People seemed to enjoy our last edition of Cannon Fodder, so let's make with the links and the off-topic chatter!

Garde reveals Debuchy conversation | Arseblog News
Remi Garde says he’s spoken to Arsene Wenger about the availability of several Arsenal players, including Mathieu Debuchy, as he looks to bolster his beleaguered Aston Villa squad in the January transfer window.

Petr Cech reveals the secrets behind his record breaking success at Arsenal and Chelsea | London Evening Standard
Some great stuff in the Evening Standard about Petr Cech, his relationship with his old goalkeepers coach, and his ascent to greatness.

Mesut Ozil is the one | Daily Cannon
In Mesut Özil, Arsenal have a footballer who can deliver us the Premier League title.

Arsenal’s Squad Options Keeping Them Alive In Premier League Title Race

Arseblog's Andrew Magnan breaks down the way we've managed to stay alive despite losing two or three guys who people had previously said would be season-enders for us if they went down injured.

'Football Manager' Director Offers Harry Kane Apology for Underestimating Him | Bleacher Report
Does this mean that FM will also be apologizing to Chelsea for projecting them to win the league in 2015-16 even though they're an unmitigated pile of flaming crap? Fingers crossed! (Also, this is stupid.)

Bonkers? Mad? Why Van Gaal and Klopp must be taken seriously | Barney Ronay | Football | The Guardian
This person is Mad Online that we're all celebrating the failures of LvG and Klopp - although at this point I think Klopp is just dealing with the garbage team that Brendan "Afraid of Dinosaurs" Rodgers put together for him. I'm not going to stop laughing at them, but thought you might enjoy the read.

(WARNING AUTOPLAY VIDEO WITH AUDIO) Jose Mourinho Manchester United would need rebuild - ESPN FC
So you're telling me that a garbage team would need to be rebuilt under a new manager? You don't say! Still, this is an interesting thought experiment about what a new-look MUFC would look like under the Unemployed One. (Sorry for the autoplayed video. ESPNFC sucks.)

Klinsmann youth-heavy US January squad leaves vets futures - ESPN FC
For those of you interested in US soccer stuff: U.S. manager Jurgen Klinsmann called in several U-23-eligible players and MLS-based standouts for January not previously included in his camps.

Spanking, dehydration and ignorance of concussions: New details about Peter Nowak's Union tenure
Jonathan Tannenwald at philly dot com had to look through these allegations and damn it if they aren't some of the most ridiculous things I've ever seen. "Claimant brought the Idea of spanking rookie players following training camps to the Philadelphia Union, as he had also spanked players when he was the head coach of DC United. Claimant admits that he participated in a practice following the training camps of 2010, 2011 and 2012 where players were spanked." Good lord.

EXTRA TIME: Frimpong spends 10 hours in airport after missing flight -
Never change, Emmanuel. Never, ever change.

And finally...

Undertale: The Kotaku Review
People don’t just like Undertale; they love it. This game is personal for them. It’s personal for this reviewer and for me, too. I just finished Undertale and couldn't have loved it more. It's only ten bucks and is a beautiful pixelated romp that's well worth your time. Check out the trailer below and this spoiler-free review and give it a shot!