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Mohamed Elneny appears to have work permit, clearing route to Arsenal transfer

According to one source, it looks like the last hurdle is clear.

"whoa guys, don't get your hopes up too much yet"
"whoa guys, don't get your hopes up too much yet"
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According to, a website I'd never heard of a month ago but appears to be moderately reliable on Egyptian soccer news, Mohamed Elneny has gotten the work permit he needs to complete his Arsenal transfer from FC Basel. Here, for those who are interested, is the report in question:

I am hesitant to put too much faith in an outlet or a journalist I don't know, but I asked around the SB Nation family a bit and have gotten some tentative confirmation that King Fut isn't total hogwash, and that this story could actually be accurate. As per usual, I advise waiting until he's on the Arsenal website before you get too excited. If this report is correct, though, it looks like Elneny should be an Arsenal player shortly, considering his current team has basically said as much already.