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Wenger: We're done, probably

Not really going out on a limb, looking at the date, but still.

not one, not two, but three
not one, not two, but three
Clive Mason/Getty Images

To hopefully nobody's big surprise, Arsene Wenger, in his pre-FA Cup press conference today, dropped the very strong hint that he's probably done shopping until the summer: the moment as I told you I have 23 players in training, plus two is 25 and unless people go out we are not on the verge of bringing anyone in.

Now, that does leave some wiggle room, especially considering his answer when he was asked about Mathieu Debuchy:

...Mathieu might go somewhere but I don't know where at the moment and that decision has to be made very quickly now because there is only 48 hours to go. He has much interest in him.

Strangely, he was also asked about Javier Hernandez - I guess this was a thing a while back? Which I didn't know, but still, nope, ain't happening - not that I ever thought it would, but here's what le boss had to say, complete with subtle dig at the media:

No, Welbeck is coming back now and Alexis is back, we have Giroud and Walcott. You would not understand again why I don't play Giroud and play Hernandez so we the quality and the number of players that we need.

So, in other words: it looks like Arsenal's January shopping is done, barring some sort of last minute thing; I wouldn't hold out a ton of hope that something will blow our doors off between now and Monday at 11 PM BT, when the window closes.