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Carl Jenkinson ruled out for season

Bad news for a loanee.

He won't be doing this for a while
He won't be doing this for a while
Jordan Mansfield/Getty Images

Carl Jenkinson was spending a second year out on loan at West Ham, and seemed to be doing fairly well - getting minutes, learning, getting better, all the things you'd want from a loan stint. All that, though, has come to a screeching halt now:

Carl's collision with Sergio Aguero in the early part of West Ham's game against Manchester City resulted in a "knee problem", the extent of which is unknown at this time but, as Sullivan's tweet mentioned, is serious enough that he's done for the year. We await actual confirmation of what the injury is, which will probably come later this week once the swelling has gone down and the painkillers have worn off.

In the short term, of course, this doesn't mean much for Arsenal as Jenks wasn't playing a role with the club; I just hope that he heals quickly and that his development isn't set back too much.