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Liverpool 3-3 Arsenal: Premier League match report

A crazy game ended in craziness.

Alex Livesey/Getty Images

Well, I'd say that was disappointing, but honestly after the way the first twenty minutes went I feel a bit guilty for saying so. Arsenal were more or less torn apart early, and two goals from Roberto Firmino bookended an Aaron Ramsey goal to put Liverpool ahead 2-1. Arsenal were somehow able to equalize though, as a corner attempt probably glanced off of Olivier Giroud and definitely rebounded off of Simon Mignolet and in. The first half of this game was one of the wildest halves of soccer I've seen in a while, and you could be excused if you spent halftime rummaging around for some aspirin.

The crazy goal show continued in the second half. Olivier Giroud scored again to put Arsenal in front, and it really was a great goal. For the majority of the remainder of the match it looked like Arsenal was going to be able to see it out, but late on disaster struck. In desperation time Laurent Koscielny committed a foul outside the box, and while the ensuing free kick wasn't scored, it led to a scramble in front of goal and Petr Čech was unable to save a close range Joe Allen shot.

Leicester City was able to defeat Tottenham Hotspur at White Hart Lane, meaning they're once again level with Arsenal atop the table, with Arsenal leading on goal difference. A goalless draw between Manchester City and Everton means the Blues don't gain on us. This is fun?