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Arsenal vs. Liverpool: Lineups, viewing info

Let's go get some points.

I would like more of these
I would like more of these
Paul Gilham/Getty Images

Happy Wednesday! It's game time. Almost. Anyway, you know what I mean - Arsenal resume their The Premier League campaign today after the weekend's FA Cup diversion, and they will do so against a Liverpool side that is severely weakened by injury and overuse - five first teamers, maybe more, are out, and this is their third game in eight days.

There are no slam dunks, no easy games at this level as they say, and this is by no means a gimme, but Arsenal are in a good position to take points from this game and hopefully see their north London neighbors do them a solid and keep bringing Leicester City back down to earth. That's out of Arsenal's control, though, all that Arsenal can do is work hard and win this game, and let the rest of the chips fall where they may.

There was a spirited discussion in the writers room yesterday about the order in which teams should be listed in the headlines of these here previews and recaps. My position is that, regardless of convention elsewhere, I will list Arsenal first whether Arsenal are home or away. My logic: this is an Arsenal fan website, covering Arsenal first and foremost, and thus my bias is to always list Arsenal first, no matter what other media outlets do. I am, however, open to changing that if people notice it looks odd or feel strongly one way or the other. So, there's a poll - vote!

Arsenal vs. Liverpool
English Premier League

Anfield, Liverpool

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

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