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Wenger: We just need the work permit

Le boss talks about how close the deal is to being done.

Simon Hofmann/Getty Images

Arsene Wenger and Arsenal are notoriously tight lipped about transfer business, this is not news. So when Wenger does say something, well, that's sort of news. He was asked today about the transfer of Mohamed Elneny, and he said

"I expect movement [this week], yes. I think this week it can happen, we are positive. The situation should be sorted out. There's a lot of work permit problems and special paperwork to do and the visa. We hope to finalise it this week."

So basically, there's a person standing in line at the immigration office, wondering which form to grab from the rack and wondering whether he brought a pen; all that person has to do is finish filling out all those forms, get them stamped, pay the filing fee, and Bob, as they used to say, is your uncle. Here, Arsenal lackey, is a song you can listen to while you wait, which is also a song for the good folks at the immigration office.