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Euro 2016 qualifiers: How to watch, match discussions

Also World Cup qualifiers! And friendlies!

Stay healthy, please
Stay healthy, please
Stu Forster/Getty Images

There may be no club soccer this weekend, but there's a whole big fat pile of internationals. There are Euro 2016 qualifiers! There are World Cup qualifiers! There are friendlies! There's probably a game down at your local park!

Anyway, we talked about who is playing what and when over here. This is your open thread to actually talk about the games - it'll be here all weekend, so if you're watching any of that big fat pile of games, why not hang out here and yak about it with others doing the same?

All the broadcast info you'll need, no matter where you are in the world, is right here. I'm not going to tell you which games to watch - it's a free country! Unless you're in North Korea or one of the more repressive Middle Eastern countries, I guess, but still. Watch whatever!

Mostly, just keep your fingers crossed that no Arsenal players get hurt.