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Arsenal tried to recruit top strikers, but they weren’t for sale

Some information comes out as to why Arsenal did nothing.

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If you crop out the bottom of this pic he could be on a snowboard making sick moves
If you crop out the bottom of this pic he could be on a snowboard making sick moves
Stu Forster/Getty Images

Let's keep talking about the transfer window! That's always fun. Anyway, as we all know, Arsenal did nothing except sign Petr Cech this summer, which...whatever. Nobody at the club really sad anything official about it, so we were and are all left to wonder what the heck went on in north London last week.

Well, today we get a couple clues, thanks to Jeremy Wilson of the Telegraph. According to Wilson, Karim Benzema was Wenger's target, but Real wouldn't sell Benz unless they brought someone else in to replace him, which Real did not. So, that's Benz off the list. Next on the list was Edinson Cavani, but PSG gave that inquiry what I can only assume was a polite but condescending NON, as if Arsenal were an American tourist asking if a local shopkeeper spoke English.

That, in turn, caused Arsenal to drop to their #3 choice, Charlie Austin, but he cost £15 million, which is dumb considering that Austin wouldn't be a massive upgrade on what Arsenal already have in house. So, there we have an an explanation for why Arsenal did what they did, or rather, didn't do what they didn't do.

Will that explanation make people happy? Of course it won't! Not all of them, at least. But it is an explanation, it seems to be what happened, and it does lend a bit of credence to what we've said all along - Arsenal can have all the will in the world, and make all the inquiries in the world, but if the other party does not want to do business, business won't get done. It's not great, results-wise, but this summer is also not a case where Arsenal just sat back and did nothing.