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Chelsea's renovation of Stamford Bridge looks as awful as you'd expect it to be

What's more, Chelsea fans love it while taking shots at the Emirates Stadium. Take a look for yourself to see the comedy in all of this.

Paul Gilham/Getty Images

After years of struggling to find land in and around their current neighborhood, with no success, Chelsea's made the decision to renovate Stamford Bridge starting in May 2017. During the time of Stamford Bridge's renovation, they expect to play at Wembley Stadium, with a deal with the FA nearing finalization.

With all those developments in order, Chelsea went ahead and unveiled their Stamford Bridge redesign today. Chelsea fans are ecstatic, hailing Jacques Herzog and Pierre de Meuron's plans for their ground as "...not boring like Arsenal's stadium."

Oh, really? Well let's take a look and see for ourselves, shall we? (image rights prevents us from putting photos of the redesign in our post, so click on the link to see them)

Herzog said this stadium is "...something you wouldn’t find anywhere else." Except he's wrong about that, since you could time travel back into the 80's and find this exact, boring ass design in Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, and Cincinnati.

Some other comments from the rest of our writers:

"This looks like a lampshade from my grandmother's house."

"It's like if Three Rivers Stadium f*cked the Bird's Nest in Beijing."

"It looks like a toothpick project."

"It looks like a busted rotor from a 1982 Chevy Nova."

"If you put an orange through it, you get juice."

"It looks like the Kingdome, paying tribute to Mount Saint Helens."

"A walled, medieval village is the perfect setting for Chelsea fans."

"That thing looks like the concept for Alien 3, about the wooden planet that was too stupid even for an Alien sequel."

Chelsea will most definitely accomplish the goal of jamming many more fans in for each home match with their renovation of Stamford Bridge. And they are, in a way, correct in saying this is not a boring design.

It is, however, a truly ugly, awful idea that will blight that neighborhood for many decades to come. Have fun with this eye sore, Chelsea.