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Arsenal vs. Leicester City: Preview, how to watch

Arsenal toddle up to the East Midlands for the day.

He looks as surprised as we did
He looks as surprised as we did
Tom Dulat/Getty Images

It's always more fun to think about weekend games after midweek wins - no need to rationalize what happened the other day, no need to ask what if, none of that. Just basking in the glow of, in this case, an unreal burst of awesomeness from a completely unexpected source.

But that's done, and now it's off to Leicester and the King Power stadium for a game against, and this is why I never look at the table in September, fourth-placed Leicester City, who currently sit two points above Arsenal. Their impressive start is due in no small part to the arrival of Claudio Ranieri, a manager who I personally have always liked, even when he was at Chelsea - an opinion shared by none other than Arsene Wenger, who claims, banterifically, that Ranieri built the team that made possible Jose Mourinho's first championship at Chelsea. Whether that's true or not (SPOILER: it is), I've always liked Ranieri and thought he got a raw deal at Chelsea, and I'm glad he's back at the helm of a Premier League club.

For Arsenal, Santi Cazorla will be back after his suspension; Coquelin's still a doubt with a knee injury, but have no fear, FLAMINI IS HERE! said almost nobody ever but still he played well so he deserves his place while Coq is rehabbing. Leicester played a side made up largely of reserves in their midweek Cup win over West Ham, so they'll restore their primary 11 for this match, with the exception of the injured Nathan Dyer and Matthew James.

Arsenal have struggled to score in their last few league games, and Leicester have had to come from behind to win theirs; what this means for Saturday, I don't know, but with a rested Sanchez hopefully refocused and with all Arsenal's usual firepower available, I hope at least the former trend gets bucked tomorrow.

Arsenal vs. Leicester City
English Premier League

King Power Stadium, Leicester

Saturday, September 26, 2015

HOW (to watch):
US Broadcast: USA Network, NBC Sports Live Extra | Worldwide info