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Thursday, October 15th

Mark it down. Get ready.

they're heeeeeeeeeere
they're heeeeeeeeeere
Ian Walton/Getty Images

Robert Johnson made a deal that came due at the crossroads.
A lonely, childless couple made a deal that resulted in them having a daughter, Rapunzel.
Rosemary's husband traded their baby for a career in Hollywood.
But for lack of a pen, the Muppets would have been in Alice Cooper's permanent thrall.
Bart Simpson sold his soul for $5.

And now we can add another entry to that illustrious list. On Thursday, October 15th, The Short Fuse will become...something else. Cartilage Free Captain will be running the blog that day - we'll write an intro post for first thing that morning, as a reminder, but after that, it's all Spurs, all banter, all day. Hooray?

And while we're utterly terrified, we're also forever grateful, because it's their amazing generosity that helped us retire Thomas' medical debt once and for all.

So, mark your calendars, steel your insides, and get ready - it's on.