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TSF throws down the gauntlet

We're going to get Thomas' medical bills paid, one way or the other.

In this scenario, we're Jack Butland and CFC is  the ball
In this scenario, we're Jack Butland and CFC is the ball
Clive Rose/Getty Images

As you all know, we're raising money for Thomas to pay off his potentially life-destroying pile of medical debt. As of this writing, Monday night, we are just a shade over half way to our $5000 goal, and for that I really, honestly want to thank each and every one of you. It's because of you that we've done this so quickly, and it means a lot to Thomas and to the rest of us that you're all willing to step up, in many cases despite your blog-official or life-official affiliation with a different shade of laundry. Which brings us to why I'm writing this.

In the last thank you post we wrote, we had a few Cartilage Free Captain members donate, which is amazing. After donating, one of them left a comment that said:

Hope you all are ready for "Cartilage Free Captain takes over The Short Fuse Day".

Well, guess what, Bryan A.? First of all, thanks for helping, you're awesome! And second of all, we are.

Here's the deal. Today's Tuesday. If Cartilage Free Captain, as a whole, can get us to our $5000 fundraising total by Saturday at 12 PM Pacific time, we will turn TSF over to the writing staff of Cartilage Free Captain for an entire day during the week following the North London Derby on the 24th.

That's right. If CFC can get us to $5000 by Saturday, TSF is theirs for a day, to do with as they please. As many posts as they want. Writing on whatever topics they see fit to write about. The writing staff there will be doing the actual writing, but they are welcome to take topic suggestions from their members; if they do this, prepare for a day of posts about the life and times of Harry Kane, the tactical genius of Mauricio Pochettino, and gushing tributes to the design of Naming Rights Stadium.

What this will not be is nasty; if this comes to pass both staffs will be on pretty close BanterWatch, in order to make sure this stays as fun as it sounds like it could be. After all, if they get to write TSF for a day, they will have effectively retired Thomas' medical bills, and that would be an amazing bit of banter in its own right. This could be a ton of fun, and we'll do everything we can to keep it that way.

If you are a CFC reader and have already donated, two things: first, any donation you've already made counts towards this; second, if you've donated enough to earn your own column, we'll work something out with you separately - you can take part in the takeover day with what you planned to write, or we will publish your piece prior to this day, or we'll do something else. We'll figure that out shortly.

If you're an international donor who is having issues using YouCaring, I'm working on a solution for that - but in the meantime, if YouCaring doesn't work for you, you can PayPal me your donation directly at pdebruler at g mail dot com and I will get that money to the YouCaring site.

Your move, CFC. Clock's ticking.