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Thank you, and let's keep it rolling!

We're overwhelmed. In the best possible way.

We can't promise a personal thank you from Olivier, this wave will have to suffice
We can't promise a personal thank you from Olivier, this wave will have to suffice
Clive Rose/Getty Images

Last week, we posted a story about Thomas and his ridiculous pile of medical bills. In that post, we asked for your help in defraying those medical bills, and you all have stepped up in the most amazing way.

People from this blog, from rival blogs, and people who don't care about sports but are friends of Thomas - you have all done amazing work in getting us from zero to $2000 in a matter of just a few days. One of the incentives we promised was an individual shoutout for a $20 contribution - we've had so many of those that to do individual ones would take up several days at this point, which is amazing and you're all awesome.

A lot of you also expressed that you don't need individual recognition, so in lieu of that, please accept this post as a gigantic collective thank you to all of you who have donated so far, or have expressed a desire to donate in the near future - we're over $2000 at this point, and show no signs of slowing down. You all are amazing and we can't thank you enough.

A few admin notes:

- It seems international donors have had a few problems using YouCaring. If that is the case for you, I will accept the donations via PayPal (email's in my profile) and forward those donations on to the YouCaring site, making the donation whole along the way (I'll pay PayPal's fees, if any).

- We've currently roused interest over at CFC from people who want to write 1,000 words on whatever they want, so I'll extend the same clarification to that donor level here as I did there - that $500 does not have to come solely from you. If you want, you can band together and pool your money with friends, rivals, coworkers, relatives, whatever, in order to get to the $500 level.

- We are currently exploring other fundraising options, including an auction. Stay tuned for more details on that.

I think I speak for everyone here when I tell you how thankful we are, and how humbled we are, that you all have stepped up in such a huge and meaningful way. The YouCaring site is here if you have yet to donate and want to, or if you just want to spread the word to everyone you know.

Thank you again. You all are fantastic.