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Arsenal vs. Stoke City: Lineups, how to watch, match discussion

The league is back.

Oh my god Tony that suit
Oh my god Tony that suit
Dave Thompson/Getty Images

Arsenal vs. Stoke City
English Premier League
Saturday, September 12, 2015
7AM PT/10AM ET/3PM BT (aka "when games should always be played")
Emirates Stadium, London
Form: ARS a half inflated helium balloon still attached to the tank and getting filled | STK that same balloon, six weeks later
US TV: USA Network | Worldwide TV:

The Premier League is back, and with it Arsenal is also back. They welcome Stoke City to the Emirates, which is like welcoming your cousin from rural Kansas to Midtown Manhattan for a day's debauchery. Hopefully Stoke will react like your cousin, recoil in horror at what they've seen, and collapse into a tiny little ball of fear, allowing Arsenal to run rampant and do whatever they want.

Unfortunately, it turns out Stoke is actually a professional soccer team, not your yokel cousin, and will probably show up ready to play a game. Which is too bad, because the other scenario would be so much better. Anyway, Arsenal have a great chance to ratchet up their nascent title challenge today against a winless Stoke, so hopefully they'll do what they need to do and grab all three points, sending Stoke back to the Potteries still winless.


When we know, you'll know.