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Summer Transfer Window Deadline Day: Open thread

All the community-driven transfer speculation your hearts desire!

Clive Rose/Getty Images

It is upon us. The day of reckoning.  The moment we've all been waiting for.

Does Arsene Wenger and the club consider a hot dog a sandwich, or not?

Also, if they'll purchase any players before the summer transfer window shuts today, and the club's roster heading into the rest of the league season and Champions League group stage is finalized.

Most of the leagues' transfer windows shut yesterday, which precludes them from purchasing players. However, English clubs can buy players from those leagues, which will more than likely see before the end of the day. Last I checked, Arsenal is an English club, who probably know they're still able to shore up areas of need within the squad. How active and willing to complete any moves before today ends is anyone's guess.

We here at The Short Fuse will be updating transfer rumors as they come up today, but feel free to use this post and comment section to bring up any and all Arsenal and non-Arsenal deadline day rumors and moves. Movement or not, today promises to be a crazy, hectic, confusing period of time.

Enjoy it, if you can. We'll try our hardest to make it as fun as possible.


Update, 7 am ET:

Update, 7:30 am ET (Arsenal fans have been trolled by an airport Twitter account):