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Hector Bellerin to miss Premier League opener with injury

The right back has a minor thigh problem and will miss today's match against West Ham United.

Jamie McDonald/Getty Images

Arsenal right back Hector Bellerin is not in the lineup for today's match against West Ham United, Mathieu Debuchy granted the start in his place:

Once everyone saw that Bellerin wasn't even on the bench, twitter had a minor freakout. Word started trickling through that this is a thigh injury, and a minor one, but this is Arsenal, so today's minor thigh injury may become tomorrow's meteor-induced apocalypse. We will keep an eye on this for you and keep everyone up to date.

In the meantime, French national Debuchy will start at right back; he will offer perhaps more of an aerial protection at the back than Bellerin would, but perhaps slightly less of a pacey attacking threat. Still, he's a cagey veteran, so things should be okay. Speedy recovery, Hector!