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Arsenal may have a deal for Benzema agreed (but they probably don't)

Guys on Twitter aren't good sources, sadly.

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Admittedly, this reunion would be completely adorable.
Admittedly, this reunion would be completely adorable.
Martin Rose/Getty Images

So, it's just one tweet from one "respected Italian journalist," but if you're ready to believe Emanuele Guilianelli (which you probably shouldn't be, for reasons we'll get to in a moment) Real Madrid and French international striker Karim Benzema is on his way to Arsenal to join several of his national teammates, and, perhaps more excitingly, to reunite with former Real Madrid teammate Mesut Özil. Here's the tweet in question:

As you can see, no details about a transfer fee, what Real Madrid will do to replace their starting center forward, or how Real's plans might trigger an additional chain reaction of players moving. Just a salary, which works out (if Metro's math is to be believed) to £120,000 a week, which seems like a reasonable weekly salary for a player of his caliber.

Of course, there's also this.

Mr. Giulianelli also reported the Alexis Sanchez deal before it happened, but it doesn't look like it was early enough to lead anyone to believe he's got good sources. He looks like a guy who just throws stuff at the wall to see what sticks. So this is more funny than anything, really, and isn't a report that should be taken seriously.

The Guardian and The Telegraph are also weighing in on the latest, albeit a little more cautiously (and responsibly). The Guardian's David Hytner wrote that "Real could be swayed by a massive offer from Arsenal" despite no demonstrated uncontrollable urge to move him, while the Telegraph's Matt Law noted "manager Benitez has reiterated his desire to hold on to the Frenchman" but also notes that Gareth Bale is being test-driven as a striker in the Audi Cup currently happening in Munich (while Benzema nurses an injury back at home), and Law sees this as a possible indication that Benzema would serve as a sub to the second-best Welsh player on the planet.

(Last night, Bale scored a 79th-minute goal, as one of two forwards deployed in a 4-4-2 formation, as Real beat Tottenham 2-0 to move to tonight's Audi Cup finals against, predictably, Bayern Munich.)

And, as ESPNFC just reported, Arsenal's own Santi Cazorla was on a Spanish radio show yesterday saying that, as far as he knows, Arsenal's lineup is set (at least, certainly in the striker department) for 2015-16. So, to make a moderately long story short, this Palmeri-adjace Italian guy is probably totally wrong, and it's going to take something big to dislodge Benzema from Madrid. It certainly could happen, but it's no more likely right now than it ever was.