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The day before the window closes: A roundup of Arsenal transfer rumors

Remember Gonzalo Higuain?

Imagine how this might look in red and white.
Imagine how this might look in red and white.
Maurizio Lagana/Getty Images

There's a bank holiday in England today, meaning that the English transfer window's closing, and its resultant flurry of activity -- customarily a Monday affair -- happens on Tuesday at 6 pm BT (1 pm ET). But a number of the European windows are closing at 11:59 pm CET tonight, or just before 6 pm ET, which might impact some of the rumors that are flying around.

Assuming that the Karim Benzema ship has sailed (or, rather, is anchored in the Real Madrid dock, due to a prevailing lack of Sergio Aguero and David de Gea movement), here are the most recent rumors involving players headed to Arsenal. (For what it's worth, the TSF team is regarding any and all transfer rumors with skepticism; we're just not convinced Arsene Wenger is in a buying mood this year. Then again, it could be a redux of the 2011 deadline pu-pu platter that landed us Per Mertesacker and Mikel Arteta with a side of Andre Santos and Park Chu Young.)

Here are your rumors:

Gonzalo Higuain, F, Napoli: Yep, the Higuain rumors are back -- being fed right now by yesterday's Kike Marin tweet:

On the plus side, Higuain has been a fairly prolific scorer for both Real Madrid and Napoli, though he was last seen (outside of Serie A, that is) flubbing a late-match chance and a penalty kick in Argentina's Copa America final loss to Chile.

Riyad Mahrez, M/F, Leicester: Only the fluffiest of transfer window rumor papers are carrying this, but Roma and Villarreal are apparently interested in the Algerian winger/forward, and Arsenal might swoop knowing that he's potentially available. He's talented enough to be one of the brightest spots in Leicester's officially spunky '15-'16 campaign, and he looked like a Ballon d'Or candidate against Arsenal's back line in a match they played last year, but the grumbling from this signing from the Wenger Out crowd would be intolerable.

Anthony Martial, F, Monaco: Oops -- after showing up in an Arsenal transfer roundup article yesterday, the highly-regarded-by-some prospect is allegedly off to Manchester United for £36m.

Edinson Cavani, F, PSG: This again.

In "ones that got away, even though they were maybe not ones in the first place," Juve and French forward/teen wonder Kingsley Coman is off to Bayern Munich to reconnect with Arturo Vidal, while Julian Draxler of the January 2014 Transfer Window Extravaganza is staying in Bundesliga, moving from Schalke to Wolfsburg to fill a giant Kevin De Bruyne-sized hole.