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Jack Wilshere out with minor ankle injury

It's a small thing, but it's a thing.

Not pictured: dodgy ankle
Not pictured: dodgy ankle
David Rogers/Getty Images

Jack Wilshere did not feature on Sunday, due to a minor ankle issue. It turns out that the issue, while still "minor", is less minor than originally thought; at the time it was announced he'd miss the CS, the boss said Wilsh would be out for "days", but today there's different news.

That news? Wilsh will be out for...more days. He won't be fit for West Ham, unfortunately, but beyond that it's anybody's guess how long he'll be gone. But it still doesn't appear to be a grave concern, and hopefully Wilshere will be back in training later in the week or next week.

Remember the olden days of, oh, 2013, when losing a Wilshere-level player meant that it was time to panic? Those were good days. And by "good days" I mean I'm so much happier with the depth of the squad now - it sucks that Wilsh is out for a bit, but Arsenal are in perfectly fine shape to weather his absence at this point.

Can it be Sunday yet please?