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Champions League group stage draw: Arsenal get familiar faces in Group F

Arsenal will travel to places now becoming almost like second homes during the Champions League group stages.

Lars Baron/Getty Images

Arsenal will face three teams with which they have recent Champions League experiences in Group F of the 2015-16 UEFA Champions League. The group draw saw German Champions Bayern Munich start off Group F from Pot 1, and then when it came time for Pot 2, Arsenal emerged from the bowl and into the loving, familiar, sausage-stained arms of the Bavarian titans. Hopefully Manuel Neuer drops a cross again this year.

For what seems to be the millionth year in a row, Arsenal will also face Greek champions Olympiakos FC, who crushed all comers in the Greek superleague last year. Roma and Lyon, and Sevilla as well, were possible Pot 3 opponents, so this draw could have been worse, but it also could have at least provided some variety.

Pot 4 contained UEFA Champions League newcomers Astana and Gent, and while Arsenal avoided the long trip to Kazakhstan, they drew Croatian champions (and former team of Eduardo!) Dinamo Zagreb.

The most likely outcome from this group is a second-place finish, but one never knows. None of these ties are a nailed on three points.

We'll probably win in Munich, though, because that's what Arsenal do. The first match of the group stage will be either September 15 or 16. Set your alarms!